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Anis Mansour


Mansour was born in Al-Mansoura. He obtained his BA in philosophy in 1947 and started his journalistic career that year by joining the staff of the newspaper Al-Asas, later joining many other newspapers and magazines such as Rose_al-Yousef and Al-Ahram. In 1976, he became the editor in chief of the magazines Akher_Sa'a and 'October'.

Anis wrote more than 170 books on many subjects, some of which were translated into French, Dutch and Russian. He translated about 200 short stories and more than 20 plays into Arabic. He introduced Alberto Moravia to the Arabic literature by being the first to translate his works. His most famous book is "حول العالم في 200 يوم : الحائز على جائزة الدولية / Ḥawla al-ʻālam fī 200 yawm : al-ḥāʼiz ʻalá jāʼizah al-dawlīyah", ("Around the World in 200 days")  which documented his actual journey around the world in the early 1960s. The book details many facts and traditions of the countries he visited, including India, Japan and the United States, as well as his meeting with the Dalai Lama.

Anis died in Cairo.

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